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    03 дек в 19:00Сезон 1. 1-я серия - "Kevin Nikulski & Dustyn Alt"
    пт, 3 дек
    Сезон 1. 1-я серия - "Kevin Nikulski & Dustyn Alt"

    When they are not attending competitions, flatland riders Kevin Nikulski and Dustyn Alt wander in their host city of the day in the look for new spots to ride. Follow them through the streets of Lisbon sharing a BMX session and their personal story.

    Сезон 1. 2-я серия - "Justine Dupont"

    In this episode we talk to the French surfer Justine Dupont, who in recent years has been focusing on big wave surfing.

    Сезон 1. 3-я серия - "Adolf Silva"

    In this episode, we talk to MTB rider Adolf Silva, a promising talent in the modality.

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In Catch Up, we'll be talking to some of the best action sports athletes, who will share remarkable stories of their lives and the perspectives and goals they have for the future.

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